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    sidebar image problem



      sidebar image problem


      Just upgraded to FMP12 from FMP9. Mac OSX 10.8.2.

      Image that ran down length of page (as a sidebar), now only prints the portion that was in the header. Tried "bringing it to front". No help.

      Is the only solution to make separate 3 images and put them in header, body, and footer? Surely not!

      Any ideas? (If this was PowerPoint, I'd make the image a background.)

           (asked this question in "report an issue" -- no response)

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               This is a known change in behavior with the later versions of FileMaker.

               Is this a list or form view type layout? (Do you see just one record at a time or many records?)

               If you are only viewing one record at a time, you can resize the body to make it larger, move everything in the header into the body and do the same for the footer, then remove those two layout parts so that you only have a body layout part.

               If this is a list view with many records, you may be able to place an image in the footer and body, but not the header and still be able to see the entire image.

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                 Thanks for the speedy response!

                 The layout is for creating PDFs of my invoices.

                 Originally (many many years ago), I just printed invoices without images onto letterhead and mailed them.

                 More recently but still quite a few years ago, I made a new layout for creating PDFs of invoices, adding the sidebar image (my letterhead is a sidebar format), so I could give clients PDF invoices when they requested them.

                 So your suggestion to change the layout to remove the header and footer and put the image completely into the body seems like the best bet.

                 Will work on that and post again when it's done...

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                   Layout is now fixed. Steps taken:

                   1. Made note of Y coordinate for the topmost field.

                   2. Deleted Header and Footer parts.

                   3. Made the Body part deeper.

                   4. Repositioned the fields as a group until the topmost field was in the correct Y position.

                   5. Added the sidebar artwork.

                   Just a note about the sidebar artwork: that artwork didn't seem to make a good transition in the original conversion of FMP9 to FMP12. I put new artwork (a PDF) in place instead of the transtioned artwork. It looks great!

                   Thanks, PhilModJunk!