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    sign with certificat the .mobileconfig from iPhone or iPad



      sign with certificat the .mobileconfig from iPhone or iPad




           We are using a mobileconfig file on our website. One for iOS5 and another one for iOS6. This works well.


           One thing we want to do is to sign the .mobileconfig with a certificate.


           How can this be solved?


           What I was doing before i posted my problem here:


           1)   I created a certificate

                 --> openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout carhs.de.key -out carhs.de.csr

           2)   cat carhs.de.csr and put this to comodo | They offer 90 day test certificates for less

           3)   Unizip the file from comodo

           4)   creating a pem file --> ( Private Key and Entire Trust Chain)

                 cat carhs.de.key > carhs_comodo.pem

                 cat carhs_de.crt >> carhs_comodo.pem

                 cat ComodoUTNSGCCA.crt >> carhs_comodo.pem

                 cat AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt >> carhs_comodo.pem

           5)   I took my working mobileconfig - file and signed this

                openssl smime -sign -in SafetyWissen_iOS6.mobileconfig -out signed.SafetyWissen_iOS6.mobileconfig/

                                       -signer comodo/carhs_de.crt -inkey carhs.de.key -certfile carhs_comodo_full_trust_chain.pem

           6)   I eMailed this to my IPad. An error occurs --> this is no configuration file.


           Does anybody have an idea?


           Best Regards and thanks in advance - every hint is welcome