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Signature gif logo in email missing

Question asked by ninja on Mar 7, 2009
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Signature gif logo in email missing


Howdy all,


I'm trying to get an email feature to work on PC/XP - FMP9 - Outlook.


The emails send fine, but the signature changes (signature is in Outlook).

When I send an email direct from Outlook, the signature text comes through blue (as it should) and a .gif logo also comes through (as it should).


When I send the email to the same address via FMP9, the message comes through, and the signature text comes through...but the text is black (Default I suppose?) and the .gif logo is missing altogether along with the space that it should be taking up (text below the logo has shifted up as though the logo was never there in the first place).


Has anyone encountered this...or more to the point, can anyone suggest how I might address this.


Thanks in advance for your help!