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    Signature into FileMaker



      Signature into FileMaker


      How do I go about getting a signature into FileMaker Pro.  I am setting up a book check out system here at my school.  I already have it ready to scan textbooks into their record. We will be using bar codes to accomplish this.  We want the students to be able to sign this form as their agreement that they received these books. We want to accomplish without having to print each record and have each student hand write their signature.  What equipment does this require and what type of field does the signature field need to be?

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          I've been investigating doing this for my current employer. We currently capture customer signatures on NCR forms and I'd like to eliminate the rigid layout, dot matrix printer and expense involved.


          From what my research shows, there are companies that sell gadgets for electronically capturing a signature (like the package delivery guys carry around with them). It should be possible to capture a signature and store it in a container field in Filemaker. Note that I said "Should". I haven't actually done this yet.


          Do a web search under "signature" or "signature capture" and see what pops up.