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Silent Auction closing script

Question asked by symbister on Jul 26, 2012
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Silent Auction closing script



I'm setting up a very simple bidding system for a silent auction of artworks, in FMP but to be in Go on iPads, where a potential buyer can be registered, with a unique code, in a buyers table with name details, then each bid is entered, and becomes a record in the bids table, with code, date, amount etc.

What I'd like to do is automatically stop bids being entered after a certain time, then displaying the successful bidder's name and final amount.

How would I go about generating a script that would do that - couldn't be field script trigger based as there might not be any input in the bid layout for several minutes at a time.

Of course we could just start a script at say 8pm, which continues to run under all the other scripting back and forth from bids, buyer setup and so on, and finishes 90mins later ... but that seems fraught with potential delays ..?

any ideas welcome, thanks