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Question asked by BlakeCaraway on Jul 16, 2010
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Silly Question


I'm brand new to FileMaker and am looking at adding new features to my company's current FM db setup.

In order to start implementing the new features it seems I will need to begin making use of Custom Functions. It seems to me Custom Functions are only available in the 'Advanced' version of FM 11.

My questions: Is it possible to develop databases using FM Pro 11 Advanced while other clients in my company have only FM Pro installed?

Also, I'm investigating the feasibility of hosting a few databases online where clients will be able to access/maintain information with only a web browser (no need for a client installation). Would I be able to develop and publish with FM Pro 11 Advanced and allow other remote users to work this way? What are the limitations when working this way?

Any help here is much appreciated....

Thank You!