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Similars By Choice Modification in Contact Mgmt Template

Question asked by sksmith2517 on Apr 7, 2010
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Similars By Choice Modification in Contact Mgmt Template


I started my GO Servers database from the Contact Management template.I'd like to modify the portal where the similars are listed either by company, city, to include  SERVICES OFFERED. A contact may be willing to provide a vehicle, or transport folks to airports, or tutor, etc.  


So here's what I've done so far:

1) In Field Definitions I added the Services Offered as an option:

g_Similar_By = "Name";
g_Similar_By = "Company";
g_Similar_By = "City";
g_Similar_By = "ServicesOffered";

2) I see in the Relationships that there is a Similar by Company and also a Similar by Choice relationship.  So I added a Similar by ServiceOffered and linked it to K_Similar_ServiceOffered.


3) Then I investigated the Portal in Layout mode and saw that the Radio Button options show Name, City, Company, so I added my Service Offered as a 4th radio button to that value list.


4) I go into browse to my standard layout and after performing a find for Services Offered, K_Similar_By does indeed show ServicesOffered.


5) In the Related Contacts Tab of the Contact Detail layout I changed the Zip field to be service offered and it shows for all contacts appropriately as I would hope.


Now of course you know that I writing because it doesn't work.

When I do a find for all transporters (13 in found set) and then select the radio button for ServiceOffered - I want to see those 12 related records in the Related Contacts Portal - alas 0 show. All show appropriate data for Name, Company & City, just not the Service Offered - so all original scripts, etc work, just not my modification.

What flaw/s mis-steps, errors have I committed / omitted. Etc.

This is such a cool feature - but I'm just slightly off (ahem).

Thank you for any help you can suggest.

FMPro 10.03