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simple attendance record

Question asked by SteveO on Apr 1, 2015
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simple attendance record




Apologies for my lack of subject knowledge. I have no experience of database systems and have fumbled my way around Filemaker for a few days. I'm determined to learn though.

All i need to do at the moment is set up a simple attendance sheet that has a list of students down the side which i can manually input, a list of session dates across the top which i can manually input and alongside each students (under each session date) the ability to choose present, absent or late. It will basically replace the paper-based system that is currently in use and doesn't need to make any calculations etc just be a visual record of attendance. Do I need an individual field for each student name and each selection for each session?

I will look to develop the system in the future as I learn to understand the terminology and techniques etc. but at the moment I just need to have a simple form that i can record the attendance status for each student for each of the weekly sessions 

Thank You