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    simple attendance record



      simple attendance record




      Apologies for my lack of subject knowledge. I have no experience of database systems and have fumbled my way around Filemaker for a few days. I'm determined to learn though.

      All i need to do at the moment is set up a simple attendance sheet that has a list of students down the side which i can manually input, a list of session dates across the top which i can manually input and alongside each students (under each session date) the ability to choose present, absent or late. It will basically replace the paper-based system that is currently in use and doesn't need to make any calculations etc just be a visual record of attendance. Do I need an individual field for each student name and each selection for each session?

      I will look to develop the system in the future as I learn to understand the terminology and techniques etc. but at the moment I just need to have a simple form that i can record the attendance status for each student for each of the weekly sessions 

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          You need one record for each student, a field for the name and one field for each session date where you mark the student present, absent or late. You can format these text fields with the same custom value list of these three values and format the field as a pop up menu for selecting one of the three.

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            Thank you for your response Phil. Sorry again for my ignorance, does your suggestion mean that i mark a student present etc by scrolling through individual records one at a time? or can this be done by making a mark against a list of names on the same page?

            Thanks again 

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              In a list or table view, you can get a list of records where each record takes up just a small horizontal row out of a large "table" displayed on your screen. This happens automatically in table view, but list view gives you more input options, you just have to manually resize the body layout part to be one row of data tall by dragging up the bottom border of this layout part.

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                Thank you for your help. Will give it a go :) 

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                  Please note that a simple one table set up isn't necessarily the best design option for this. After you have it working, keep an open mind to the possibility that you might be better off with at least two tables linked in a relationship, one with one record for every student and one with one record for every student for every attendance date. This is more complex to set up and set up on a layout but makes analyzing attendance figures for a student or a class much simpler.