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Simple calculation for a text box.

Question asked by rkevwill on Nov 29, 2011
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Simple calculation for a text box.


I have a scrolling text box, that will be used quite a lot for contact notes. Here's what I want to do in Laymans Language. Tried to check out the tools, but apparently I don't understand some of them.

I am making a button. Clicking the button will select the text box. Then, a cursor goes to the very top left of any text thats in the box. Then we have two returns, to make a double space. Next step is the cursor goes back all the way to the top, places the current date, and does one return, ending with a blinking cursor.

In summary. I want the newest entry on top, with the date first.

I did this in the old style Filemaker, but not proficient (yet) to do it at present. Tips please?