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Simple Conditional Value List

Question asked by MichaelConti on Apr 19, 2013
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Simple Conditional Value List


     If there is a solution to my issue = can someone point me in the right direction or give me an easy explanation on how to achieve the following:


     So lets say we have a database for appliances, which contain fields such as:  category, description, image, cost, model, etc...

     Now in the layout - lets say customer selection.   We have a field "Appliance_Fridge" linked to the above.  How can the list of appliances that are listed , ovens, microwaves, stoves, etc... be cut down to just the Refrigerators?   Without first having to select the category - this is in it's own area and only Fridges will be selected there.


     Hope that makes some since- I am new to this and hoping someone will have the patience to assist.