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Simple Data Display Question

Question asked by MorkAfur on Jun 13, 2014
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Simple Data Display Question


     I have a sub-summary report where the calculation field is the one below to give me breaks at the year and month:

     Year (field ) & "/" & Right ("0" & Month (field); 2)


     So, for example, the report might have sub-summary headings like 2014/05.

     Fine so far. It works.


     But, what if instead of displaying the break date as "2014/05", I want to display it as "May, 2014"?

     If I try to update calculation, then the the sub-summary no longer works as expected.

     If I try go to the Data Formatting area in the inspector, nothing is available when I select this field.

     I have this calculation field resolving to a Number. Changing the return type to a date just gives me a "?" in the report.


     There is probably an easy way to format the date independently of the calculation but I haven't found it. I didn't see anything useful under the main Format menu, for example.

     Thanks in advance,