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Simple data entry crashes FMP13 (Win only)

Question asked by arnoldkegebein on Mar 17, 2014
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Simple data entry crashes FMP13 (Win only)


     Some German developers discussing a serious error with FMP13 (Windows only). Just entering a simple phrase in a text field will crash the FileMaker program.

     The phrase is "all-id" or "all-ib". The phrase could be in a longer context, e. g. "Die Fall-ID ist unbekannt. (This is an unknown case id)" As soon as you type the "d" of "all-id" FM crashes.

     People report, it also happens with a calculation field that contains that phrase. As soon as the user clicks into the field the program crashes.

     Follow the discussion on the German website:

     The bug is already reported on the German FileMaker website:

     I like to know if other developers experience the same problem.
     Is it just a problem with German FileMaker versions?
     Or perhaps a German/European version of Windows?