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    Simple data entry crashes FMP13 (Win only)



      Simple data entry crashes FMP13 (Win only)


           Some German developers discussing a serious error with FMP13 (Windows only). Just entering a simple phrase in a text field will crash the FileMaker program.

           The phrase is "all-id" or "all-ib". The phrase could be in a longer context, e. g. "Die Fall-ID ist unbekannt. (This is an unknown case id)" As soon as you type the "d" of "all-id" FM crashes.

           People report, it also happens with a calculation field that contains that phrase. As soon as the user clicks into the field the program crashes.

           Follow the discussion on the German website: https://www.filemaker-magazin.de/forum/beitrag/138028

           The bug is already reported on the German FileMaker website: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/e0f26b4b16

           I like to know if other developers experience the same problem.
           Is it just a problem with German FileMaker versions?
           Or perhaps a German/European version of Windows?

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               You have included details here that you have not yet posted in the issue report. I recommend that you do so in order to keep TSGal up to date on all relevant details. Of particular importance is the fact that multiple users of the German language program are getting the same crash.

               I cannot reproduce this crash entering data into a text field using FileMaker advanced 13, windows 7 on my English language (American Locale) installation of FileMaker.

               You might experiment with the indexing options in storage options | Default Lanaguage for that text field to see if a change to another Language index prevents the crash.

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                 Thank you for testing it in an English environment.

                 So far developers discovered some conditions for this bug:

            •           FM13 / WIN
            •           German dictionary: "Deusch (Neue Regeln)" or "Schweizerdeutsch"
            •           File Options > Spelling > Indicate questionable words with special underline: On
            •           "all-id" is not included in the User Dictionary

                 They say, it is possible to use dictionary "Deutsch (Alte Regeln)" without a crash.

                 I cannot test and confirm this because I work with a Mac version. But not all German developers are comfortable to write in an English forum, so I volunteered to do it myself. I will ask the developer, who discovered the bug, to add a bug report on the US website. He already entered a bug report on the German website.