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    Simple Database solution.



      Simple Database solution.


      I am working on a new database solution...should be fairly easy...just wanted some input before getting started.

      I just need to keep track of making sure people in a group get a two newsletters each month...just to keep track that they receicved it.  So more or less just a check off sheet that they received there copy each month.

      Any suggestion would be great.  

      Oh yes...also I will need for iphone....any suggestions for layouts that will work with Iphone would be great as well.


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          For info on Fm GO and your iPhone, go to downloads and click the documents link. There's a PDF there, I believe, that you can read that has suggestions for setting up layouts for iPhone and iPad that you should read before setting up your layouts for you iPhone. There's also an entire section of this forum set up for FM GO users where you can post questions about GO as you encounter them. (See tab at top of this screen.)

          You'll need at least two tables here: Subscribers, and Deliveries. You can link them by serial number field defined in Subscribers to get this relationship: (Open Manage | Database | Relationships and drag from field to field in the boxes shown.)

          Subscribers::SubscriberID = Deliveries::SubscriberID

          I'd then enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Deliveries in this relationship. (Double click the relationship line here to bring up a dialog where you can select this option.)

          Now you can place a portal to Deliveries on your Subscribers layout and create a new record in this portal each time you check off the fact that they have received the newsletter. (You can do this just by entering data in the bottom blank row of the portal when you enable the "allow creation..." option described earlier.)