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    simple DB design ?



      simple DB design ?


      I am a newbie designig a FM10 DB relational DB. I am having trouble understanding how to contruct a simple task. I want to type in a (company defined) unique identifier and then have FM populate the customers First & Last name in each of 4 layouts.


      I have defined the realationships, but don't think I want to use a lookup table?




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          howdy 196421,

          welcome to the forum, thanks for the post.


          I've written 'bout this a bit over the last couple of days.  With your kind permission, please let me forward you to where I already typed this out.  If you have further questions, please post again after you've tried it out.  The concepts you'll need are listed in the link below.  Be glad to help additionally as needed...


          Current table


          and here


          Printing Award Certificates - HELP!!


          Please let us know how you're coming along...

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            Thank you for the prompt reply. I have set the db up just as you suggested with the book example. Still it is not populating? I must be missing something simple?




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              howdy 196421,


              you have two tables that are related...lets call the tables 1&2


              Check#1: make a layout based on table1 that has the linking fields from both tables 1&2.  One of the fields should start with "::" when viewed in layout mode, the other shouldn't.


              go through your records (perhaps try list view) and make sure that the contents of the fields match each other.  If they don't, then this is the reason you're having problems.  No match = no link = no related record to pull data from.



              The field you enter info into should be from the same table as the layout is based on. (not really mandatory, but lets use it for now)  The fields you expect to populate automatically should be from the linked table and should all start with :: in layout mode.


              How do you do with these two checks?

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                   So I now understand that I did not have it set up correctly in the Layout. Corrected that but it is still not working. :smileysad: *sigh*
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                  Howdy 196421,


                  When it works, there will be an "a ha" moment.  In order for me to help you with it, you have to describe what's going on...


                  What have you done, what have you tried, what are the results...ya gotta give me somethin' to work with...


                  The forum is here to help you work things through.

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                       Is there a way for me to upload or (email) you the file? Or at least a PDF of the Relationship map?