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Simple ESQL not working

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jul 8, 2013
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Simple ESQL not working


     I am having troubles getting an apparently simple ESQL statement to work. 

     Here's my structure:

     Books  <bookID_Pk = bookID_FK >   BooksByAuthors   < AuthorID_FK = AuthorID_PK >   Authors

     Here's the statement:

     ExecuteSQL (
     "SELECT b.category, a.bookID_FK
     FROM BooksByAuthors as a, Books as b
     WHERE a.bookID_FK = b.bookID_Pk

        AND a.AuthorID = ? "
     ; "" ; "" ; 111 )

     Ultimately I am looking to get a list of IDs and categories for a single Author; Author ID should get me a list of books written by that author in BooksByAuthors, which should then be able to tie back into the Books table to get the category.

     I have tried many different forms (e.g. INNER JOIN, with/without table aliases, many many more) but keep getting a stupid question mark. 

     Been staring at this thing for far too long.  Time to rest the eyes.