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    Simple Field Question



      Simple Field Question



      I have two fields in my database that i need help with. The first field is called Rep Name. I need that field to auto generate the account user name for whoever is logged in. I figured out how to do that with managing the database.

      I also have another field called "initals" that requires the rep to put in their two letter initials. Is there a calculation that will take the first letter from the first and last name of the reps name from the Rep Name field?

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          In many databases, separate fields are used for first and last name. In such cases, this could be your initials calculation:

          Left ( Firstname ; 1 ) & Left ( Lastname ; 1 )

          If you put both names in the same field, this can still be done, but then you have more variatations in format to deal with, such as the inclusion of middle names or initials.

          Left ( Leftwords ( namefield ; 1 ) ; 1 ) & Left ( Rightwords ( namefield ) ; 1 ) ; 1 )

          Might work, but you'll need to check it with real examples of the type and format of text you choose to permit with your databaes design.

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             thnx phil ur a freakin wizard at this!