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    Simple Find



      Simple Find



      I'm a total newbie to FM Pro 11.  I have a "Students" layout.  I want to allow users to find student by, say, last name.  In Access, I can put an unbound textbox on the form and put code behind to find the proper record(s) when the user types in part or all of a name.  I can't figure out how to do this with FM Pro 11.

      Can you have a portal to the same table?  Sounds funky, but if I had a list at the top of the "form" which showed the student records (name, ssn, etc), and I clicked on one of them, I would like to bring up that record on the "main" part of the form.

      With a LOT of students in the table, the text field I referred to before should cause the portal mentioned above to scroll itself to that area of the alphabet.  So if you type in "jon", then the "Jones" records would appear in the portal list.  Clicking on one of them would cause the correct "Jones" record to be selected.

      All this stuff is easy in access but not so much in FM Pro.

      Can anybody help with this?


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          It's quite easy in FileMaker, but can be quite different than how you do it in Access, so you have to unlearn a few old things at the same time you learn how filemaker does this.

          Are you sure you need this at all in your FileMaker file?

          In FileMaker, you can:

          1) Enter find mode

          2) type text such as the first letters of a name into a text field

          3) perform the find

          All without any development work by us developers.

          If you want your selection box, take a look at this demo file. The two portals at the bottom of the layout act much like what you describe here. And yes, you can relate a table to itself in a "selfjoin" to set up such a portal if you want to. You just need to create an extra table occurrence of the same table in Manage | Database | Relationships.


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            Thanks, Phil.  I will evaluate this example.  You are probably right, I'm trying to do things "just like Access".  I appreciate the comment.