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Simple FIND goes weird.

Question asked by blewvelvet on Sep 20, 2011
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Simple FIND goes weird.



I have a HOME page which is like a "Fisher Price Busy Box".

You can do a lot of little things all from one page.

One simple things I've done a thousand times before is to do a simple find from a pull down menu. (find a client in a seprate table via a new relationship created for this specific find)

It works GREAT...until after I get to my client's record.

I want to GO BACK to my HOME page. I Click HOME button.

Instead FM pro goes right back into FIND mode (on the client table layout)...and I get this window error.

"There are no valid criteria in this request. Type a valid request before clicking Find." just found the correct record (cool)..and I just clicked my simple Home button that is not even have a script.

I find myself in FIND mode on my client layout page. (uncool)


Oh yeah..when I click CONTINUE (out of the 3 choices "Cancel" "Continue" or "Modify Find" on the dialog error one found record is still I click the HOME button..then it works!

How do I avoid this. I tried Set Error Capture ON..which removes the dialog window..but I still have to click the HOME button-Twice. It seems the first's doing something...but nothing changes.

Is there a way to CANCEL a find in a script?