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Simple History Field and Appending Data

Question asked by JustinTylerMoore on Jul 10, 2012
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Simple History Field and Appending Data


Hello All,

I am new to FileMaker, but i know my way around software pretty well.... Here's what I am trying to accomplish:

i have an inventory system that I have set up. I have a "checked-out to" field with the emplyees name, and a "checked-out date" field with the, you guessed it, checked out date. I also have a text field called "history" in the table. What I would like to do is create a "Check In" button that executes a script that does a few things. 

1) Copies the "Checked-Out To" and "Checked-Out Date" data,

2) Appends it in the "History" field, and adds a current timestamp and line break, then

3) Changes the "Checked-Out To" and "Checked-Out Date" back to default.


This in my head seems fairly straightforward, but I'm not sure i'm understanding it correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks