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    simple I'm sure



      simple I'm sure


           'Just upgraded to v12 from v9.  I'm sure this is very basic question:

           My fomratting of my fields in Layout mode also appears in Browse mode, but ONLY for the record currently being browsed.  In list view of my records, why can't I see all my formatting? Specifically, even just the field borders...?


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               There's a new check box in Layout Setup... that starts with the word Delineate...

               If it is selected, the default setting, the border, fill, etc settings only appear for the current record. This can be a nice way to highlight the current record in some layouts, when in browse mode, but is bit of a pain the neck and parts south the rest of the time.

               Clear this check box and this will no longer be the case.

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                 Thanks!  (BTW, why did they do that?  Weird to have it as a default.)

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                   To answer why would require asking someone who had a hand in designing the software. But then they're all under an NDA...

                   It is weird to have it as default and weird that it affects the appearance of the layout when the window is in preview/printing etc...

                   On the other hand, in a list or table view, it can be a very slick way to highlight the current record/row without having to bog down the layout with conditional format expressions.