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Simple Inv Database

Question asked by JonQ on Sep 23, 2009
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Simple Inv Database


Hi I was going to make a simple In-House Inventory database for our company(at least i hope it is simple!) so if we had a fire or desaster we would have something to turn into insurance saying what equipment we had and amount.


I have Filemaker Pro 8.5 on Windows XP.


Like many databases it started simple but people kept wanting more and more options added to it! here is what i am thinking:


Item Name, Desc, Purchase Date, Cost (see...simple!)


Then I was going to add a container filed and write a script button so that when you click on it, it will allow you to attach a pdf file to the record. this would be for the original invoice.


ok, here is where my questions start. is there a way to make sentry file print the selected records and the corisponding pdf file?


the next step that someone brought up would be to create a second table with the contanor fields in so that i could have multipul pdfs attached to one inventory item. this would be in case we order something so we have a PO, then an invoice, then a packing slip, then an RMA for when it goes bad, then..etc. It would be nice to have this paper trail for the individual items. and likewise able to select items and have all pertinant attached documents print out automaticaly.


Please note we are not looking at an inventory managment system to track inv for selling or customers, just a small amount of radio and electronic in house equipment for insurance reasons..and now a small amount more to make our other employees happy.


So is any of this doable? or should we just stick to keeping it simple?