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Simple Inventory Check in/out

Question asked by gbond on Sep 29, 2009


Simple Inventory Check in/out




I am trying to create a simple inventory tracking solution for our shop. I have started with the template provided in FMP9 and working from their. i have added quantity fields for a count of how many items i have. 


Id like to create a layout which has 3 (or more?) colums. The colum would populate with all the items in a catagory as selected from a drop down list of categoriesavailable at the top of each colum. (If i dont select a category, no list will apear in the colum)


Beside each item in the colum would be a field for a number. This would be the quantity of items i take out of inventory of that item. So, i can go down the list, put the numbers next to all the items i take, in each colum, then click CHECK OUT. This will then update the quantity for each item. (If i enter no number then no change to the quantity will be made) this allows me to checkout many items from many categories at the same time.


the process will be the same for CHECK IN...just adding to the quantity rather than subtracting. 


This is not connected to customers or anything, it is a simple "How many do i have" list, so just tracking numbers... except that i often check out many items from many categories all at once, so want to make it fast and easy. (in the future it would be great to add a bar code scanner, but thats a lonnnnng way off) 


Any thoughts on how i would acheive this would be very much appreciated. 


I use windows XP (a mac will run the app in the end tho!) and use FM pro 9