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    Simple Layout question



      Simple Layout question



      I've been failing at using FileMaker today. I think the answer to this question is incredibly simple but I cannot solve it.

      I have three tables, Sales Order, Salesperson and Products. Salesperson and Products are linked to Sales Order. The relationships are set to not create new entries between the tables.

      On the Sales Order form, can i not display the relevant data from other tables? For example, in the Sales Order layout, I have a pull down menu to select the salesperson and a field that displays the salesperon birthday from the 'Salesperson' table. Upon selecting a salesperson from the pulldown menu, shouldn't I be able to see the birthday of the salesperson in that field? 

      What am I missing?


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          Yes you should. If you've defined relationships linking the three tables, you should be able to add fields from both salesPerson and Products to your Sales Order layout and they will display data from a related record in the other table IF you have entered/selected a value in the SalesOrder field that is defined in the relationship to match to records in the related table and IF that value matches the value of a record in the other table.

          BTW, seems like you need a 4th table here to list the individual items that make up a given sales order and that it would be linked to Products instead of linking SalesOrder to products.