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Simple Lookup and Auto Fill

Question asked by Shields_1 on Apr 16, 2013
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Simple Lookup and Auto Fill


     Newbie here, haven't used Filemaker since before it was I have a rather lot of catching up to do.

     I have 2 tables in my Db called MANUFACTURERS and the other INVENTORY.

MANUFACTURERS has 2 fields, [manufacturer_name] & [manufacturer id]

INVENTORY has 3 fields [product_id] , [manufacturer_name] & [manufacturer_id]


     In my INVENTORY table I want the [manufacturer_name] field to be a drop down list using values from MANUFACTURERS and when a user selects a manufacturer in that list it will auto fill the [manufacturer_id] field with the [manufacturer_id] information from the MANUFACTURERS table.

     I've created a relationship between the two tables using [manufacturer_id] as the match field, but I can't get the list of manufacturers to appear in the [manufacturer_name] field that I've formatted as a drop down. Nor can I figure out how the data is supposed to auto populate the [manufacturer_id] field. I assume I need to create a lookup of some sort, etc?

     Any help would be much appreciated, I know this is quite basic...but I'm slowly working my way through the help files and this massive 3,000 page book I bought...I'm sort of stuck on this one.