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Simple Navigation Button Script

Question asked by Keystone on Feb 7, 2010
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Simple Navigation Button Script




I have a resume (CV) database that contains two Layouts, one for Engineering and one for IT (different divisions of the company). I have a button on both of these Layouts that says "Enter New Candidate"


Keeping in mind that I'm new to scripts, I'd like these buttons (when clicked) to display a custom dialog that asks if the user is sure if they're entering the candidate in the correct Layout.


For example, If the user is in the Engineering Layout, and the click on "Enter New Candidate", the dialogue would ask:


"Are you sure this candidate belongs in the Engineering Database?"


The options would be: "Yes, continue" or "No, go to IT"


Obviously if the answer is "Yes, continue", FM opens a new blank record in "Engineering" to be entered.

If the answer is "No, go to IT", FM opens up a new blank record in the IT Layout.


Again, being new to scripts I'd appreciate it anyone could offer a simple solution to this problem.


Thanks in advance!