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Simple newbie question(s):

Question asked by TonySeveerini on Dec 16, 2010
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Simple newbie question(s):



I am new to all this database thing, and need to create a database an inventory database basically (with filemaker). So I will be using this thread so you can school me on my questions...

Anyway, first question is;

How can I copy and paste on the table, like in an excel sheet, how can I select many boxes at a time in the table?

For now I have a field that has first and last name in it, I created 2 calculation fields that seperate the names as I want 2 fields; 1st being first name; 2nd being last. Anyway it displays perfectly, I just need to copy the text from the calculated fields to 2 new text fields, so that I can then delete the calculated fields and the "all names" field.

In access I could simply edit the tables in many ways like in excel(copy and paste rows at a time etc.), is this possible in filemaker?