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Simple ODBC SQL query:  Where on Earth is the result?

Question asked by gczychi on Apr 13, 2010
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Simple ODBC SQL query:  Where on Earth is the result?




I have just got FM Pro Advanced 11 (Mac) in order to exchange some data with a remote MySQL server and I have searched for hours now, how to fetch the result of a simple MySQL query, say «select * from table where id=1».


Using a FileMaker script, I can execute this query, but where in the heavens is the result? How can I get it into a field or into a calculation or into another script or into a function?


The only thing that I have found is that you can get the result using an AppleScript, issuing a shell command, and so on and so forth ( Come on, this cannot be true, can it?


Thanks so much for any insight in this matter.




P.S.: I understand that I could import new records or make a new database altogether with the contents of the MySQL database. But this is not what I need. I just want to occasionally check, update some fields here or there — pretty easy stuff.