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Simple parent - child relationship problem...I think?

Question asked by braman1 on May 24, 2012
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Simple parent - child relationship problem...I think?


Hi, I'm new to Filemaker and have a problem I hope someone can assist me with.

I have two tables and two layouts:

Customer and Notes

On my customer layout, I have a note field that I want to display all the notes for that customer. I also have a "add note" button on the customer layout which takes you to the notes layout. 

Question 1:  How do I "connect" the notes layout to the customer layout?  I can get the notes table to record the customerID.  So when you click on the "add note" button, the notes layout should open, which it does, but the customerID is not recorded in the Notes table.

Question 2:  How do I display all the notes added in the "notes" field on the customer layout?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.