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    Simple Question (I think)



      Simple Question (I think)


      OK, I'm about to launch into a new study of FM Pro V11.  I need to know something that I can't pin down in the documentation.  

      I have an FM Pro solution running on an office PC.  It was written by someone else - long gone and hard to find.   OK.

      I want to make some changes to some of the layouts and reports.  I take a copy of all these (.fp7s) home to work on over a few days.  Meanwhile, the staff has added or modified records.  Now when I come back to the office three days later, how am I going to be able to meld my .fp7 layout and form and query changes made at home to the modified FM Pro DB?  In  FM Pro I am too new to understand how changes in layout are incorporated in without sacrificing the new or modified data records I'm going to encounter.  IOW, my new .fp7 files (with embedded and associated tables) are not going to have the added/modified records that were adjusted while I was away working on it.

      Am I being clear?  How do we cope with this apparent out of synch problem without having to discontinue using FM Pro while the changes are being sought?



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          As far as i can understand from your question is, you want to sync both the databases so that you can update your office database.

          Please check the following help article that explains this process in detail- Help Article




          FileMaker- http://www.filemakerrecovery.net/

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            Is this solution in FMP format or compiled to a runtime solution?

            While at home are you manipulating data or just the design of the layouts?

            Are you adding any new fields or tables, etc.?

            Is this just a FMP solution or is it hosted on a FMP Server?

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              @Anax - I'm not really looking to "sync" both databases.  I think, from what I've seen so far, FM does its data store in a much different way than say, MS Access.  Here's the scenario:  I take the fileset home, mess with the layouts only, I don't change any of the actual data at home.  Menawhile, the staff at work has indeed changed some data.  I bring my revisions back to the office on my trusty thumbdrive. At that point, my .fp7 files have the new layouts but don't have the changed data.  How am I going to apply my layout changes when the .fp7 files (containing conflicting data) don't agree?

              @rjlevesque - Solution is in FMP format only, no run time.  I'm not manipulating data, just layouts, forms, reports.  I may add fields if I need to, I may have to add tables.  This is an FMP solution only, not published.

              I'd really like to learn more about FMP.  But if I can't do some work "offline", I'm stuck.



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                Consider modifying the design into a data separation structure at earliest possible opportunity. With a data separation model, you have one file that has all the layouts, scripts, value lists etc that make up the user interface. A second file contains the actual tables. External data source references in the interface file link to the tables in the data file.

                With this structure, you can deploy updated interface elements simply by swapping out the old interface file for the new without needing to import any data.

                Convert to Seperation Model

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                  Wow.  I would never have been able to figure that out!  Other than that link to the other thread, is this "Seperate Modelling" covered anywhere else in the doc?  I'll need to play with it to get a feel.  If I already have a working solution (database app in FM), does that mean that I have to start from scratch to achieve the desired effect?



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                    The link gives step by step instructions on how to take a unified file and produce data and interface files. It's not terribly difficult to do.

                    "Data Separation" is a general database design concept not unique to Filemaker Pro databases. If you search this forum or others using that phrase, you should be able to pull up a number of discussions on the subject.

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                       OK, I'm looking at it closely right now.

                      Thank you and thanks to all else.



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                        If you find the data separation model not to your taste, you can simply create a script that imports all the data from the live file into the new file (clone).

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                          And even with data separation, you will still need the import script for updates that require changes to the data file.

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                            Yes, in the data sep model I have always found it best to make a controler file, data file, and design file...but that's how I like to roll.  ;)

                            (I'm impressed Phil, I thought I was the only one on the boards who prefered a data sep model by design.)

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                              Not necessarily "by design". Since it's easy to split a file, I can develop a single file version and then split it when it reaches the point where more than just me will start using it.