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Simple Question (I think)

Question asked by HSalls on Oct 4, 2011
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Simple Question (I think)


OK, I'm about to launch into a new study of FM Pro V11.  I need to know something that I can't pin down in the documentation.  

I have an FM Pro solution running on an office PC.  It was written by someone else - long gone and hard to find.   OK.

I want to make some changes to some of the layouts and reports.  I take a copy of all these (.fp7s) home to work on over a few days.  Meanwhile, the staff has added or modified records.  Now when I come back to the office three days later, how am I going to be able to meld my .fp7 layout and form and query changes made at home to the modified FM Pro DB?  In  FM Pro I am too new to understand how changes in layout are incorporated in without sacrificing the new or modified data records I'm going to encounter.  IOW, my new .fp7 files (with embedded and associated tables) are not going to have the added/modified records that were adjusted while I was away working on it.

Am I being clear?  How do we cope with this apparent out of synch problem without having to discontinue using FM Pro while the changes are being sought?