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    Simple question regarding  IWP and scripts



      Simple question regarding  IWP and scripts



      I'm setting up a database for IWP. There is a field with three options (checkboxes) that when entered triggers a script checking whether a specific option was checked. If yes, then a mail is sent via an SMTP server. This works fine within filemaker itself but not via IWP. The script is simple:


      If [LOG_BOOK::Finish_record = "Finished after solving issues" or LOG_BOOK::Finish_record = "Could not finish"]

      Send Mail [Send via SMTP Server; No dialog; To: "xyz@xyz.com"; Subject: "Problem with spectrometer"]

      End If


      Thankful for any input,


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          It's not a fault of the script, but probably the way you are expecting it to be triggered.  From the FM Help page:

          In Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing, script triggers can only be activated by a script and not by direct user interaction. For example, if a user tabs into a field that has an OnObjectEnter script trigger, the trigger will not activate. If a script step causes focus to move into that field, the script trigger will activate.