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Simple Question?

Question asked by jroller on Feb 2, 2010
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Simple Question?


I am a high school yearbook adviser who uses FMP for a few minor database tasks. I am certainly no expert, but I am relatively comfortable with it. One task we used it for was to create a database of seniors.  Among the fields in this database is a text field for high school activities.


What I would like to accomplish is moving the sorted data out of FMP into a text document to be used in InDesign.  Essentially what I would like is a continuous document listing every found record with the following fields: <<First Name>>(space)<<Last Name>>:(space)<<Activity List>>.(space)


The output would look something like:


Montae Adams:Varsity Football, Track, Link Crew.  Carolina Albrecht: Drama Club (9), Patriot Pride Choir (10-11), German Club (11), S.H.E.E.P. (11),  Titanic: A New Musical (11), Zombie Appreciation Club (12), Earth Preservers (12).  Chelsea Allen: African American Studies Club (10-12), Student Council (10-12), Varsity Volleyball (9-12), Renaissance Revolution (11), Link Crew (11), National Spanish Honor Society (11-12), International Baccalaureatte (11-12).


...including the appropriate spacings and punctuation as indicated above.  


Currently there is no field for the colon and period, but I could add one, obviously.  (What I don't know how to do it fill a column of fields with text -- say a comma or period -- after the record has been created.  I know how to add it automatically for each new record, but not how to quickly add the data to all existing fields.)


Not sure if this is actually possible.  Currently, I export the data comma delimited.  Open in a word processor and delete the quotation marks with find/replace, then edit the rest of the document to add in the colon, correct the spacing, etc.


Thanks in advance...