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    Simple Question?



      Simple Question?


      I am a high school yearbook adviser who uses FMP for a few minor database tasks. I am certainly no expert, but I am relatively comfortable with it. One task we used it for was to create a database of seniors.  Among the fields in this database is a text field for high school activities.


      What I would like to accomplish is moving the sorted data out of FMP into a text document to be used in InDesign.  Essentially what I would like is a continuous document listing every found record with the following fields: <<First Name>>(space)<<Last Name>>:(space)<<Activity List>>.(space)


      The output would look something like:


      Montae Adams:Varsity Football, Track, Link Crew.  Carolina Albrecht: Drama Club (9), Patriot Pride Choir (10-11), German Club (11), S.H.E.E.P. (11),  Titanic: A New Musical (11), Zombie Appreciation Club (12), Earth Preservers (12).  Chelsea Allen: African American Studies Club (10-12), Student Council (10-12), Varsity Volleyball (9-12), Renaissance Revolution (11), Link Crew (11), National Spanish Honor Society (11-12), International Baccalaureatte (11-12).


      ...including the appropriate spacings and punctuation as indicated above.  


      Currently there is no field for the colon and period, but I could add one, obviously.  (What I don't know how to do it fill a column of fields with text -- say a comma or period -- after the record has been created.  I know how to add it automatically for each new record, but not how to quickly add the data to all existing fields.)


      Not sure if this is actually possible.  Currently, I export the data comma delimited.  Open in a word processor and delete the quotation marks with find/replace, then edit the rest of the document to add in the colon, correct the spacing, etc.


      Thanks in advance... 

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          The simplest approach is to use a calculation field that concatentates (glues) all the above text into a single block of text and then export it. The key detail here is in what format is your list of activities? A single text field? A related table? Those differences will affect what such a calculation will look like. For your other fields in the expression, you just string together the fields with & operators between them in the calculation:


          First Name & ": " & Last Name & ...


          Also, make sure you return text as your return type.

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            Concatentates.... that's quite a word!  Might have to use that with my students.


            The activities are a simple text field with all of a student's activities listed within separated by commas.  From the example above:


            Montae Adams:Varsity Football, Track, Link Crew.


            That is First Name (Montae) Last Name (Adams) Activity List (Varsity Football, Track, Link Crew)  Only the colon and the period have been added; other than that, it is comprised of three fields: first name, last name, and activity list.  


            No tables.  That may be a level of complexity I haven't tried to learn, yet.


            So, I need to create a calculation field?  Have never done that, but I will give it a shot.  Thanks. 

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              I Know this is not the exact Please, but seems close enough, How Would we Creat the Data to Just the Right of the Colon if we were to parse that Calculation Field. Say Show Just Varisity Football... and all to the Right?