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simple related tables

Question asked by stephsugar on Dec 5, 2013
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simple related tables


     I'm just learning about relating tables and trying to do a very simple prep list to track what we make each day and then create reports for the week and month. here's what I have so far...

table one, prep list items

     item id - I should probably set this up as a serial number

     item name - text field

     batch size - this would be the "normal" batch size

     batch size unit - i suppose this might need to be a value list?


table two, prep list calendar


     item id

     item name (I'd like to be able to have this pull from item name in the prep list)

     batch size (this is going to be pulled from the prep list table. it's the usual batch size)

     batch size unit (this would be pulled from somewhere)

     actual batch size (this is something that sometimes varies and we need to track)

     notes- just a text field to put notes

     So I want to use the prep list calendar to enter a date and grab a task  from the task list, then have it enter the batch size and then some notes, etc. then i want to be able to create a report to see what was done for the week.

     I've posted the file here: