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Simple relationship

Question asked by birdseyedavis on Feb 19, 2015
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Simple relationship


This an attempt at building my first simple relationship. I understand that the fields have to have like criteria. So I copied the database on the left ("Inspection") and created a database called "Lat Long". I then removed all unwanted fields from the "Lat Long" database, renamed the remaining fields and then imported some  data into the new "Lat Long" database. No problem so far.

Then I go to the first database ("Inspection") and import records from the second database ("Lat Long") and create a new table along with it ("Lat Long").

Next I create a simple relationship (see image attached).

So I am expecting the "Name" field from the "Lat Long" table to populate in the "Manhole Id" field from the Inspection table (so then my inspection table would have 114 records) But this is not happening. vice versa, I am expecting the "group" field to be populated in the "Lat Long" table when I change the "Inspection Status" field in the Inspection table.

I am not sure I am clear, but any help would be appreciated and I can add any further info as requested.