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Simple relationship queries!

Question asked by DanDan on Jul 30, 2010
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Simple relationship queries!



Although filemaker 11 allows it, is it okay to have two relationships from a key field to two other occurances?

For example, I want to add a table to my database that keeps track off customer subscriptions.

Using the starter template 'invoices' I added a subscriptions table with subscription id, customer id, product id and product name fields.  The idea being I could attach multiple subscriptions to each customer and look the products up which they subscribe to via the products field occurance.

Initially I had the subscriptions table linked to a customers and products table occurance, but realized by doing this I could not add the subscriptions record entry fields on a tab in the customers layout which is what I wanted.  So I had to create a relationship between the base customer table and the subscriptions table via the customer id field.  The problem, or maybe not a problem, was that the customer id field in the customer base table is already linked to the similars table occurance.

In other words, I would have two relationships from the same customer id key field to two different tables.  Whether it works or not I don't know but it doesn't sound very good practice.

Hope all that makes sense.  My wanted solution is to have a seperate table for subscriptions, but have the record entry layout on the same tab control as the customer page, so at a glance I can see all subscriptions for that customer.

Any guidance welcomed.