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Simple script driving me bonkers

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 9, 2010
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Simple script driving me bonkers


What I thought should be a simple script is making me crazy -- almost enough to make me want to go out and shovel snow instead.


In one table (18 fields) there are three fields concerned in this script (Status, SuspenseDate, DateClosed).


Status is auto-set to Open on record creation and has a simple Value List (Open/Closed).  SuspenseDate is not a required field as that date is usually inserted some time after the record is created.  However, it is possible for a closed issue to be reopened.


Status is set to a script trigger on save that I want to:

Open to Closed:  Clear any date in SuspenseDate and take the user to DateClosed

Closed to Open:  Clear any date in DateClosed and take the user to SuspenseDate

 Here is the script:

If [Issue::Status = "Open"]

   Clear [Select; Issue::DateClosed]

   Go to Field [Issue::SuspenseDate]

Else If [Issue::Status = "Closed"]

   Clear [Select; Issue::SuspenseDate]

   Go to Field [Issue::Date Closed]

End If

The script works fine when going from open to closed.  HOWEVER, when going from closed to open it does clear the DateClosed field but does NOT take the user backto the SuspenseDate field.  The cursor stays in DateClosed.


Any ideas amongst the wizards out there?