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Simple script request for help

Question asked by KB-MT on Oct 17, 2010
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Simple script request for help


My apologies from the start, but I am really new at FMPro11. I worked with a relational database program many years ago, but have forgotten a lot.

I have created a simple database with a key field called OEM#. All I want to do is create a simple button with a script behind it that my coworker (a non-computer type) can press to search for a particular OEM number that he types into a search box. If the item is there, then the script should bring him to that record. If that OEM# is not already in the database - which will happen less and less as we build the database - then it should return a message that says it is not there and ask if he wants to enter it now. When he says yes, it should then bring him to a new, blank record screen.

This sounds like it should be simple, and it probably is, but I am stuck. Can anyone advise please?  Thanks so much!