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    Simple search doesn't seem to work



      Simple search doesn't seem to work


      I think there is a simple solution here but I do not know what it is.  I have two tables, Table 1 and Table 2.  I did a Layout for Table 1 and it works just fine - I can search for data in the search box in the default layout screen header with no problem.  I then copied that layout for Table 2 (let's call it Layout 2) and changed the Table for that layout toTable 2 as well as all the fields on Layout 2 being dedicated solely to Table 2 fields.  Layout 2works fine for Table 2 data, however, for some reason, when I try to do a Search for data on that layout, it does not work (all records continue to show) and I know that a selection of my records have the word I am searching for.  Given that the Layout for Table 2 works fine (except for the search) and is linked to Table 2 oand only Table 2 fields I would think the default search would work.  Did I forget something when I copied the Layout for Table 1 to use as a Layout for Table 2?

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          "I can search for data in the search box"--that seems to indicate that you are using "Quick Find" to search for records.

          1. Enter layout mode, click on the field that you know holds the data you are searching for and check the behavior section of the Data tab of the Inspector and make sure "include field for quick find" is selected.
          2. Check the data type of your field. Since you are searching for a word, make sure the field is of type text. To check this enter Manage | Database | Fields and find the field definitions for this field.
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            I did verified everything you noted and the Search process still doesn't work.  I remain stumped!

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              It's interesting that the "Find" function wortks just fine in specific fields but not the "Search function"

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                They are two different tools. Find has been around since the beginning. Quick Find is a new feature of Filemaker 11.

                There's not much I can suggest without examining your file. If you want, you can upload your file to a file sharing site and then post the link to the uploaded file here so that I or other interested forum participants can download the file and take a look. If you have data in the file that's sensitive, use save a copy as... with the clone option to save an empty copy of your file and upload the empty copy.

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                  You are assuming that the tables are related.  Have you related them?  If not, you can't (from layout 2) search for records matching from layout 1.  Layouts are simply a method to display the fields from a table.  Without a relationship, table 2 can't find table 1 records.

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                    No, the two tables are not related.  I merely copied the Table 1 layout because I liked the design.  Then I set the Layout 2 for Table 2 records and made sure all the field in Layout 2 only relate to Table 2.  So there is no relationship of any fields to Table 1 on Layout 2.

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                      I think Quickfind may not work well if the table records are too old or corrupted?  I exported my table records.  Then I erased all records for the table.  Then I imported those records back into the table.  Once I did that, Quickfind worked in my layout.

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                        That's the typical fix for a file with a damaged index. When you import the data into an empty or "cloned" copy of the database, FileMaker rebuilds the indexes and this sometimes fixes the problem. In some cases, damage to the file is causing the index corruption. In those cases, importing the data into a clone may be a temporary fix and the problem returns.