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    Simple single level Bill of Materials



      Simple single level Bill of Materials



      We are new to Filemaker and are trying to set up a very simple Bill of Materials...we are well aware of how complicated this subject can get, but we only need something very simple. We have set up two tables, one for Completed units and one for Components linked via a third as can be seen in the screen shot.

      All we need is to create a completed unit record, then by viewing the parts list attach the components that are required to complete the unit...nothing more.

      The end result being that we could search for a completed unit and see on screen a list of the parts required to produce it. We can see how to achieve the end result using a portal...but how do we set up a "routine" to select and add the parts to the completed unit in the first place.

      Aa I said above we are new to Fillemaker and most likely don't fully understand it.

      Many thanks


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          In my mind, I have to reverse that image:


          This is really the same structure as an Invoicing system where you'd have:


          A portal to LineItems can be put on your Stock_complete layout. The _fk_stock_parts_id field can be placed in the portal and formatted with a value list of values from the Stock_parts table. You can either include fields from stock_parts in the portal or you can can define fields in stock_line_item that use looked up value auto-enter settings to copy the data from stock_parts.

          Here's a simple invoicing demo created by Comment. If you were to rename Invoices as Stock_complete and Products as stock_parts, it should serve as a simple model of how you might set this up.


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            Many thanks for that...exactly what we were looking for...just couldn't see how! As I said before we are new to Filemaker, but it is begining to fall into place and we are very impressed...thanks again.