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    Simple Site Admission Popover



      Simple Site Admission Popover


      Hi Guys, 

      I'm building quite a basic database it has two tables Sites and Site Admissions, the central navigation from an end user's perspective will be from the Sites table and staff will press Record Daily Activity (attached image) to enter Site Admission data. I want the popover to create a new 'Site Admission' row each day when the popover is pressed and if possible have a previous day and next day icon or even possibly a calendar icon which drops down to go back to recorded data on a given day. The date at the top of popover on the attached image should show the relevant data or record/row from each day. Hope this makes sense, any help would be much appreciated :) 

      Thanks in advance


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          What you describe in terms of the design work needed to make it happen is not really "basic". It's pretty sophisticated.

          First thing is to set up a data model that supports what you want to do. You describe a table for sites and a table for site admissions. Your popover, however shows aggregate data calculated from multiple admissions and discharges. What does one record in Site Admissions represent?

          Shouldn't you have a Patients table with one record for each patient?