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Simple table relationship question

Question asked by ahcho on Feb 15, 2012
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Simple table relationship question



Here's my question:

_kf_EmployeeID and __kp_EmployeeID are related through an auto-serial number. So on the 'Some Layout' page, with the _kf_EmployeeID field, I can do a drop downlist with a valuelist tied to __kp_EmployeeID. My layout will look like this:




Employees::Phone #


By selecting the the values from the _kf_EmployeeID drop down menu, the related fields change accordingly. However, since the valuelist is based on auto-serial numbers, it would be difficult for the user to remember that "1" is actually Bob.

But, if I make the drop down value list based on Employee::Name (which would be more meaningful to the user) the relationship breaks down and i don't see the related fields. I understand why that's the case.

How do I allow the user to choose a name from the Employee table without resorting to picking from auto-serial numbers but still maintains the relationships based on the auto-serial numbers between the 2 tables?