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Simple Totals problem..????

Question asked by DanParadis on Sep 20, 2010
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Simple Totals problem..????


OK, what's the best approach to accomplish:

I have what should be a simple totaling problem.

I have the following tables: Team, League, Schedule, Schedule_Match

Team is a list of the teams in the league

League has the league parameters and has a 1-to-many link to the Team table (Teams in the League)

Schedule has a list of dates to play and a many-to-1 link to the League table

Schedule_Match has a list of the matches and a many-to-1 link to the Schedule record


In the Schedule_Match I enter #wins per team for that date/match

To keep track of the standings:

Should I create a separate Standings/Totals record and update with the wins from Sch_Match?


Keep the totals in the Team record?



It seems there should be a more efficient way to do this via a field calculation??