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Simple transfer from FM client database to/from calendar?

Question asked by seth on Feb 15, 2014
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Simple transfer from FM client database to/from calendar?


     I'm a piano technician. I have a list of about 600 clients in FM Pro, which I always view in columnar Table view, with one client per numbered row, and 10 columns across showing First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, Piano Make & Model, Last Serviced, etc.

     When I make a return appointment, I copy that client's whole row and paste it in the proper date/time on my calendar. I'm currently using iCal, but not stuck on it...willing to use any good week-at-a-glance calendar, even an FM calendar template.

     Pasting from FM to iCal is no big deal, but what I was hoping for was an even easier transfer, where I would double-click on the client's row, and an weekly calendar would pop-up, where I could just scroll to the proper date & time, click on it once, and the client's info would be plugged into the spot on the calendar.

     Then, what would take it all the way, is, when booking a brand new client into the calendar, it automatically created a record (a new row) in the columnar database. This may require some sort of field translation in the calendar, because the new client's name, address, phone, etc. is being entered as just one block of text in the calendar, and would need to be separated into the proper columns/fields when it pooped up in the database table view.

     There may be one or two CRM programs that do this (Salesforce, etc.) but they are all pricey, and I already own FMPro, so I wanted to see if there was a solution here, thanks