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Simplest Way to Add Record to Table from another Layout

Question asked by DanielSiegel on Aug 3, 2015
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Simplest Way to Add Record to Table from another Layout


I have what I suspect is a very simple question, but am new to FileMaker.

I understand how to create a Conditional Value List (eg, this link below) for creating a Relationship between Fields in 2 tables, and then creating  Layout with 2 popup fields -- one tied to a 1st Value List (eg, to select a Category from all records in a Table) and a 2nd tied to a conditional Value List (to select items based on the first Category selection)

However, I would like to allow users to Add a Category (or an Item) to the actual Table if they dont appear on their respective List.  I edited the Relationship to indicate that it could Add items to the Table, and edited the fields to allow for manual input of an "Other" item instead of selecting one from the popup lists.

But neither of these actually Added a Category or Item to the underlying Table.

Does someone know a simple (ie, no scripts, SQL, etc) way to allow a User to select items from these Lists, but to also Add an item (to the underlying Table) if the desired entry isnt currently in the Lists (ie, not yet in the underlying Table from which the Lists are generated)?