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    Single Field modification date tracking



      Single Field modification date tracking


           it is well known how track and sort records by their modification ( or creation) dates.

           It would be useful to know how do something similar at the field level, like to apply a conditional formatting formula to each field, in order to find hightlighted ( for example by colours) just the ones modified according to the data management and control formula.

           Many thanks for any help and suggestions.

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               To track changes at the field level requires script triggers and scripting. The OnObjectModify and/or OnObjectSave triggers would be needed to perform scripts that capture the name of the field, the ID of the record and log either the new value or (more easily) log the original value of the field in a related table.

               Conditional formatting expressions could, in theory access the data in this table in order to apply a conditional format. ExecuteSQL might be particularly handy in serving as a way to access the specific change record for the correct record and field.

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            Markus Schneider

                 HelperField [formula; timestamp] =



                    YourFieldToWatch = YourFieldToWatch; get(SystemTimeStamp);

                     // other fields to be added...




                 there are also custom functions by Ray Cologon (SuperLog,UltraLog - one of both is payware AFIK)