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    Single Label Printers



      Single Label Printers


      I need to be able to print single labels from FileMaker.  Which single label printers (if any) are compatible with FM 10/11?  Thanks!

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          Windows or Mac?


          On Windows, I use SII SLP 440 or 450, Dymo Labelwrtier, or even more expensive a Toshiba, or even much more, real industrial label printers like Zebra (but not Zebra itself), with sutters and so on ..


          The big problem: you have to use a label size defined without margins (because of a confusion about inch and mm between FileMaker and the OS) ...

          So, you have to define the label sizes yourself.


          The second big problem: not all drivers allows this, and then, the labels are not allways visible for other printers.

          The solution: I use the driver from a Vario II from the Valentin printer, maybe all drivers they offer can do it (I didn't test all of them).


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            Sorry...I should have specified Mac and not Windows!!

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              Sorry...I should have specified Mac and not Windows!!


              No problem, omitting this, maybe you have redirect some other user having a Windows problem here, and now he will be aware of this solution :-)

              Synergy foerever is my motto!


              And (who knows?) maybe you will find an alternative Mac driver allowing you to define your own label size and then you would post the link here too!!

              (Noël, Noël, Paques et Jour de l'An at once!)


              And maybe it could resolve your problem too (Dymo and Zebra drivers are very lousy drivers by the way, so, why not?).