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    Single Layout with Multiple Users



      Single Layout with Multiple Users



                    I have a single layout through which multiple users will enter data. 

           My Question is that how can multiple users view their own entered data on the layout at the same moment. Please help also if anyone has any idea please let me know how can it be achieved.

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               If you mean: "How can different users go to the same layout, create a new record and enter data all at the same time". FileMaker will manage this for you as a matter of course. You don't have to do anything as each user's found set, current record and sort order will be specific to that user. Only when two users attempt to edit the same record at the same time will the second user to attempt editing the data be locked out of editing the record until the first users commits the record.

               That said, there are cases where developers set up special layouts using global fields for data entry/editing and a save script that either updates an existing record or creates a new record and copies the data into the new record. Data in global fields is also specific to a given user so if user 1 enters "apple" into a global field. User 2 both cannot see "apple" in that field and is free to enter "orange" into it without affecting what user 1 sees and does with the database.