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    Single record crashes App.  ?



      Single record crashes App.  ?


      I am working with FM 7.0 on a Macbook Pro.  I developed an Address Book with a few simple buttons for navigation.  I first do a search for a particular "letter" category and then click on a name to take me to a form view of that particular letter.  


      I have found ONE record under the "F" category that crashes the entire application EVERYTIME I attempt to access it whether it be through the button or by performing a find, or even going the a record adjacent to it and trying to page to it.  ANYTIME I try to go to that particular record the whole app. crashes.  I have trashed my prefs file and started up again but to no avail.  I think it's very  odd that only this one record seems to be corrupt to such an extent that it crashes the app.  


      Does anyone have any ideas of how I might either delete this one record or otherwise fix this corruption? 

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          Try this:


          If you have a back up copy that does not crash, save a clone of that file. If you don't have such a back up, skip this step. (To save a clone, open the file, select save a copy.. and specify the clone option.)

          Launch filemaker, leaving this file closed.

          Select Recover from the file menu and recover your file.

          If the recover is successful, test the recovered copy to see if it crashes on  you.

          If the recovered file works, open your clone copy and import all the data from your recovered file into your clone.


          If you don't have such a "clean clone", you have two choices: 1) Cross your fingers and use your recovered file hoping that filemaker has fully and correctly repaired your file. 2) Build a new database file and import your data into it.


          For future security, make regular back up copies of your file and save all the copies in a secure place.

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            You can also try saving a compacted copy, but given the record is the problem this may not resolve the issue. To save a compacted copy perform the same process Phil suggested only select compacted in the Save A dorpdown box. Do this before trying to navigate to that record and test the compacted copy to see if the behavior continues.


            Alternately, if you have Excel available, and a clone by preference, you can also try exporting the data as an Excel file (which I sugest solely for ease of formatting and readability) and check the offending record for unusual characters. You can also use Excel to remove the offending record. Then import to a clone that was made before this issue started or one made as Phil suggested trying.


            Please keep us updated with any results of any of the suggested methods so we can further assist you.



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