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Single record crashes App.  ?

Question asked by twmissmt on Jun 22, 2010
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Single record crashes App.  ?


I am working with FM 7.0 on a Macbook Pro.  I developed an Address Book with a few simple buttons for navigation.  I first do a search for a particular "letter" category and then click on a name to take me to a form view of that particular letter.  


I have found ONE record under the "F" category that crashes the entire application EVERYTIME I attempt to access it whether it be through the button or by performing a find, or even going the a record adjacent to it and trying to page to it.  ANYTIME I try to go to that particular record the whole app. crashes.  I have trashed my prefs file and started up again but to no avail.  I think it's very  odd that only this one record seems to be corrupt to such an extent that it crashes the app.  


Does anyone have any ideas of how I might either delete this one record or otherwise fix this corruption?