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    Site Admin question



      Site Admin question


            Anyone else have this?  Only on my windows desktop, not on my iPad.


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               I'm not site Administrator, but I have a couple of suggestions you might try.  You might try Compatibility View, click the icon in the address bar in between search and refresh.

               If that don't work, then  try setting all the browser setting to the default settings. Click the setting icon in top right of browser, Internet options, Advance tab, Reset.


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                 modman is the site administrator. But he will want to know what browser you are using and what version of it.

                 What happens if you resize the browser window to make it wider (if that can be done) and what happens if you reload the page?

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                   Hi guys thanks for the responses.  It's IE 10.  No changes have been made, no updates (auto update only notifies me, then I choose to update).  It just started the other day on my desktop, not the iPad.  Resize didn't help, neither did reload, or reset.

                   I tried all the usual stuff--no help.  Log out, close, re-login..Clear Cookies, compatibility, etc. 

                   Just odd.  Probably tomorrow it will be fine again....who knows.

                   Thanks again


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                     It's a browser setting.  I had the same problem about a year ago, but I forgot what I did to fix it.  I believe it was reset the browse to default settings and then rebooted the system.  I'm also using Internet Explorer 10.  Well, If I remember what i did I'll post it.

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                       I may have did Restore Advanced Setting under the Advance Tab, because it states that it will take effect after a system restart. 

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                         I have also seen bizarre results popping up in my firefox browser only to mysteriously go away once I re-loaded the page.

                         Frankly, the software used to serve up these forum pages remains a buggy as a 1 week old corpse and updates sneak in from RightNow that can change the behavior/appearance of the forum at any time...