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six TOs, one summary?

Question asked by KenKing on Jan 1, 2011
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six TOs, one summary?


Hello Folks, 

From my Contacts layout, I'd like to see the name of a contact plus all notes attributed to that contact (entered via portal from Invoice layout to "Notes" table) from all Invoices.  The problem is I have six Contact TOs, so I'd need to have six layouts based on each TO?

Is there a way around this?  

Here's my structure: 

I have one table for Contacts, and six TOs of that table.  My Invoice TO is related to each of the six Contact TOs by key fileds (For each invoice, there are six fields for contacts: BuyerID, SellerID, Broker 1ID Broker 2ID, Other 1ID, and Other 2ID).

I have a Notes table related to the Invoice table (by invoiceID).  The notes table has a contact field (drop down, populated by values from Contact table).  

On a layout based on Invoices, I have one portal to Notes (fields are Notes::Text and Notes::ContactID, the latter of which is the drop down). 

Any suggestions?  Thanks!