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    Size breakdown in invoices/product list



      Size breakdown in invoices/product list


       Hello guys,

      I am pretty new to Filemaker, and am currently implementing the software at work for our invoicing system...I wanted to know how I can add a size breakdown for the products. For example, we are a clothing manufacture, and wholesale clothes to retail companies, and we had a comapny order style number 5700 in size s-2xl, and I had to enter 5 different lines of the product 5700 and add the size next to it, which is making this really challenging. Any ideas? Really appreciate the help!

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          add "5 different lines" where? in the line items of the invoice or in the product table?

          I think you'll need those separate records here in order to track each size effectively.

          What did you want to do instead of those 5 lines? What problem is that causing for you?

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             In the line item of the invoice...For example, previously I would use "numbers" (software) to generate invoices, and next to the qty section on the invoice, I had a column that listed: S  M  L XL 2xl 3xl, and I would fill in how many qty per size. The problem that this is giving me is our retailers are complaining about the efficiency of this, because instead of listing the one style number and then next to is just filling in boxes (as decribed earlier), I have to list them 5 times on the invoice. They want it to read as:

            Style number          S  M  L  XL  2x  total qty   Price     total

            #5600                   2  2   2  2   2     10           5          $50

            Instead I am doing:

            Style number     Product name       qty    price     extended price

            #5600                s                          2     5           10

            #5600                m                          2     5          10...... and so on

            I know it seems silly, but I've gotten 10 complaints, and it's driving me crazy!

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              It's not something that has a single simple solution.

              1. You could define a set of dedicated fields in line items for entering the individual size specific quantities. This is close to what you had in numbers most likely, but can make it a challenge to produce a summary report that breaks down your totals sold by both style number and then by size.
              2. You can keep the current setup, but add scripted support so that the user selects a style and then all new portal records enter the same style info so that the only field in each row that they edit will be the size and quantity fields. You can even use a script that generates all the size options for the selected style in separate lines in your portal so that all they do is enter the quantities.
              3. You can also design a list view layout based on the LineItems table with the size info entered into a series of one row portals placed side by side for recording the size/quantity info in a related table.